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Welcome to all at Agrio' Agriosteria in Petrignano which this year gives you the opportunity to have a fabulous aperitif that begins with a fantastic sunset in the hills and ends under a starry sky.


How does it work?

After ordering, you will be called when your tray for the aperitif is ready, costing20 euros per person, and you can come and get it.

After the aperitif, the tray with the glasses must be returned to the appropriate space inside the restaurant that will be indicated to you.

What's included?

To eat, the tray includes a series of daily dishes such as pappa al pomodoro, Tuscan panzanella, salami and pecorino cheese, cold rice, cold spelled with vegetables and other delicious delicacies with bread.

To drink, you can choose between a 66cl bottle of beer or 25cl of white or red wine.

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