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AGRIO' comes to life from a project made of territory, hospitality, wine production and gastronomy.
It arises from the desire to give a precise identity to the beauty of this piece of earthly paradise.
AGRIO' is located in the center of the provinces of Siena, Perugia, Arezzo and the regions of Tuscany and Umbria: it is in the active heart of gastronomic, wine-producing and above all agricultural Italy.
Its production is vast and authentic, for this very reason the cuisine of chef Sunshine Manitto, philosophically and sentimentally linked to the territories of Tuscany and Umbria, will offer you seasonal menus and strictly handcrafted dishes ranging from appetizers to desserts.
Every time the diner sits down at the table, his heart and palate will go through an unprecedented gastronomic journey.
Cooking and food are a social act and for this reason AGRIO' is synonymous with commitment to ensure high quality at a competitive price so as not to exclude anyone.
AGRIO' is waiting for you for this wonderful gastronomic journey, always wishing you "Buon Appetito and Buona Vita".

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